Thesis seeking author (Tesi in cerca d’autoreMemories en attente d’auteur)


  1. LAKE CHAD Analysis and collection of “local traditional knowledge” of Lake Chad Basin populations, applied to the families’ and communities’ differentiated activities as well as to the differentiated functions in the space use in the field of subsistence-based and income-based production, as well as in local government structures.
  2. TRANSACQUA Resilience and opposition to the intrusiveness of international interventions. Which ways are viable; focus on ‘Transacqua Project’ (D.R. Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon).
  3. CAMEROON International pressure (in progress and foreseen) due to ‘external ambitions’ related to the potential of Far North Cameroon’s territories and calibre and potential of indigenous resilience; focus on ‘land grabbing’ phenomenon.
  4. CAMEROON The weight of political and administrative deficits and of corruption in the field of the individual and corporate private entrepreneurship’s development in Cameroon.
  5. CAMEROON Anthropological and social inhibiting elements and new dynamics for the promotion of the primary sector’s potential in the North of Cameroon (Mandara Mountains, Logone River Basin, Great Central Plateau).
  6. CAMEROON Endogenous and induced difficulties in the promotion of the human rights of minors in Adamaoua – Cameroon.
  7. CAMEROON Evolution of aggregation and cooperative dynamics in rural areas in Extreme North Cameroon and their contribution to leading them out of cultural isolation and of economic marginalization.
  8. CAMEROON Current situation and possible prospects for a differentiated waste collection in Cameroon, especially plastic, as a renewable source.
  9. SAHEL Green buildings and viable alternatives for building techniques in the Sahel area.
  • CONGO D.R. Formal and informal mechanisms and powers in the relations between traditional and State authorities in D.R. Congo.
  • CONGO D.R. Analysis of innovative socio-economic dynamics developed by endogenous CSOs in South Kivu and their possible diffusion by emulation and induction in other areas of D.R. Congo.
  • CONGO D.R. Local populations’ responses to State shortcomings: spontaneous aggregation and associative forms in the Eastern Regions of D.R. Congo.
  • CONGO D.R. Alternative methodologies for the social assistance and psychological, educational and vocational rehabilitation developed and experimented by PEDER centre in Bukavu and by the AEJTs in South Kivu, in support of street children and their families.
  • CONGO D.R. Enhancement of 419 hectares of woodland, agricultural and swampy soil owned by the Catholic University of Congo.
  • SRI LANKA Psychosocial evolution of the Tamil in Sri Lanka from LTTE period until the aftermath of the 2008- 2009 massacre and prospects of socio-economic recovery.
  • ROMANIA Enhancement of 700 hectares of agricultural soil and woodland owned by Iaşi Diocese– Romania.
  • ITALY Methodologies and strategies adopted by Italian international cooperation OSCs for the political empowerment of civil society expressions in emerging countries.
  • ITALY The various approach in the conception of the partnership in the international interventions of cooperation of the Italian and foreign NGOS.
  • ITALY Alternative energies produced by waste products and by household breeding waste for family use in Global South countries: applied and applicable techniques and technologies.